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Pregnancy services offered in Federal Way, WA

Pregnancy care is your baby’s start in life, so it’s important to have skilled and caring specialists that can guide you through your pregnancy. At Federal Way Women’s Health Care, Suyang Li, MD, and the team provide comprehensive care for expecting mothers with normal- or high-risk pregnancies. They use ultrasounds to ensure you and your baby are healthy at this crucial time. Call the office in Federal Way, Washington, or schedule an appointment online today to find out how they can help you.

Pregnancy Q&A

What is pregnancy care? 

Pregnancy care is medical care for women who are having a baby. This type of care supports and monitors your health as well as your baby’s growth and development throughout your entire pregnancy.

Some of the main aspects include: 

  • Pregnancy confirmation tests
  • Calculation of your due date
  • Comprehensive health history review
  • Health screening tests
  • Ultrasounds to monitor baby’s development
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Prenatal supplement and medication prescriptions
  • Delivery planning

Pregnancy is different for every woman, so the Federal Way Women’s Health Care team customizes pregnancy care according to you and your baby’s needs. 

When should I begin pregnancy care?

Most women schedule their first pregnancy care visit after a positive home pregnancy test. Usually, this happens at 6-12 weeks gestation. 

The team understands that you’ll have many questions during pregnancy and you may require extra care during this time. 

Your first visit at Federal Way Women’s Health Center is usually the longest. During this appointment, your provider spends time asking detailed questions about your health history, family history, and your partner’s medical history. 

Then, they perform a physical and pelvic exam and ultrasound testing to confirm pregnancy and determine your due date. They may also run lab work to assess your general health and screen for health issues.

How often will I have pregnancy care appointments? 

At Federal Way Women’s Health Center, the team can design a pregnancy care schedule for your unique situation. 

In an average healthy pregnancy, visits usually happen at the following points:

  • From pregnancy confirmation to 28 weeks: once a month
  • From week 28-36: twice a month
  • From week 36-delivery: once a week

If you have risk factors that increase your risk of pregnancy complications, such as being over the age of 35 or having a history of pregnancy problems, the team may recommend a more frequent appointment schedule. 

What is considered a high-risk pregnancy?

The team provides care for all expecting mothers, including those with high-risk pregnancies. 

A high-risk pregnancy means you or your baby have issues that pose a health risk during pregnancy or delivery. These issues may require close monitoring, special testing, or a change in your delivery plan.

Issues that make your pregnancy high-risk include:

  • Carrying twins or triplets
  • Mothers younger than 17 or older than 35
  • Having a chronic health condition
  • Gestational diabetes or preeclampsia (high blood pressure)

No matter where you are with your pregnancy, the team can provide the care you require. 

To find out more about pregnancy care at Federal Way Women’s Health Care, call or schedule an appointment online today.